‘It’s not what we have, it’s who we have in life that matters’ #cousinslove #beachlife #thismakesmehappy #ithinkineedabeachhousebai

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„Before you act - listen. Before you react - think. Before you spend - earn. Before you criticize - wait. Before you pray - forgive. Before you quit - try.“

She’s a pair of ripped jeans and a soft cotton t-shirt on a warm summer day. ⠀ She has the sharpest of edges paired with the gentlest of souls. ⠀ @j.ironword ⠀ ~ ⠀ It’s all about summer right now, my favorite season of the year. Is anyone else feeling like the days are speeding by? It feels like the 4th was just a few days ago and now it’s almost the 20th of the month!! ⠀ ~ ⠀ I spent yesterday with my granddaughter, like I do every Wednesday and I find myself trying hard to not create a situation where she has to own stories that aren’t hers to own. Stories of past generations that are perpetuated for the next generation. I want her to think of good food for her body as enjoyable and fuel so that she can do all the things she dreams of. I want her to see the marvel in how her body can move. I hope she has a childhood filled with adventure and curiosity about the world she lives in. I do my best to live as an example of being kind, loving and treating others as I would like to be treated and I make mistakes and also apologize. I hope she learns to be the author and creator of her own stories full of colorful sights and sounds. And I hope to help her know that she can be whatever she desires in life and listens to her deepest heart. She’s at an age where she’s a giant sponge soaking up everything she sees and hears. It’s easy to forget that sometimes.. ⠀ ~ ⠀ We all have the capacity to rewrite our stories, to let go of the ones that were given to us that we don’t have to own. What story are you creating for yourself? ⠀ ~ ⠀ #livemoremagic #nothingisordinary #beachyoga #yogaonthedaily #yogateacher #storyteller #whatsyourstory #risingtide #vibeoftgetribe #yogalove #cloudporn #flashesofdelight #instayoga #yourstorymatters #pugetsound #beachlife