from community organizing to producing and directing, i’ve ALWAYS had a gang of support. i don’t take it lightly that i know the ppl that i know and have the support that i have. forever grateful 🙏🏾

@hypebeastmusic: @virgilabloh is now streaming the first episode of “Televised Radio” live on @applemusic @beats1official. Are you tuning in?

今日は 2017年11月に発表したシングル曲「Face Behind Her Cigarette」がBBCの6 MusicやRadio 1のプレイリストに使用され BEASTIE BOYSのMIKE Dの目に留まり MIKE Dの番組「Beats 1」でインタビュー受けることになり さらに大きな注目を集めた ウェールズはカーディフ出身 ジャズドラマーだったおじい様と BBCナショナル・オーケストラの奏者であった両親を持ち音楽一家に育った DAVEY NEWINGTON によるファンキーでサイケなインディーロック バンド BOY AZOOGAの ロンドンの名門Heavenly Recordingsからリリースされた 待望のデビューアルバム『 (One) (Two) (Kung Fu!)一 二 功夫』です🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 #FaceBehindHerCigarette #BBC #6Music #Radio1 #BEASTIEBOYS #MIKED #Beats1 #Wales #Caerdydd #Cardiff #DAVEYNEWINGTON #BOYAZOOGA #OneTwoKungFu #一二功夫 #HeavenlyRecordings #funk #psychedelic #indierock #ALTERNATIVEROCK #burningsandwiche #バニサン

got some heavy hitters for season ✌🏾 stay tuned 📺 #WORKINGWOMANWEDNESDAY production: June 24 🎬

Virgil Abloh acaba de anunciar que está lançando seu próprio canal de rádio hoje na estação Beats 1 da Apple Music. O designer está preparado para discutir tudo, desde arte até design, moda e música. Saiba mais em (link direto nos stories) #JETSETTERS #virgilabloh #beats1

@virgilabloh is launching his own #Beats1 radio show, Televised Radio, on #AppleMusic, featuring new music and discussions about art, design and fashion, debuting tonight (June 18) at 6pm. The #OffWhite founder, and Louis Vuitton menswear artistic director, took to Instagram to share the news, posting 'c/o myself and all the djing, art and design world obsessed friends i have. the sort of design talk radio show stretching from the most ambient chill records we’re listening to in the office in the morning to the super loud ratchet rap music late night... recorded live from my office @louisvuitton in paris, france airing on @applemusic @beats1official'. #VirgilAbloh #MediaNews #TelevisedRadio

Listen to this week's @beats1official #AListPop Live with Hailee and other artists 🌺 @haileesteinfeld #haileesteinfeld #haiz #beats1


#INVESTINWOMEN: exactly one week away from shooting the second season of my web series, #WORKINGWOMANWEDNESDAY! super stoked ab this season. this year has really been a good year with a few hiccups but overall great. THANK YOU to everyone who pledged/donated to this project - bc of YOU this season is possible. ppl are still making pledges and i’m forever grateful. if you still wanted to make a pledge, YOU CAN! link is in my bio ↗️ i have other productions that i’m working on and i know you’re gonna Love it. so with that said, stay tuned 📺 i Love you 🌹

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