Good morning ☀️Breakfast preparation in process 🍳🥓🥐 From egg, bacon, bread to yoghurt, cereals and fresh fruits plus varieties of coffee and tea selection ☕️🍵🥛 #bedandbreakfast #bnb #airbnb #breakfast #best_airbnb #airbnbhost #airbnbphoto #airbnbsuperhost #airbnbexperience #airbnblife #holiday #holidayhouse #auckland #albany #vacation #vacationhome #rental #shorttermrental #breakfastinbed #morning

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Perfect pancake stack?

Breakfast is my love language 🥐

In love por esse café da manhã na cama! Que delicia 😍 Foto do @no_ape_401 #invictalover #coffee #breakfastinbed #love

Coffee and views? ☕️☀️ Full breakfast in bed? 🥐 🍩 🍵 🥝 What kind of breakfast person would you be at our #HotelOfTheWeek NH Nice? .📷 @claudiavdk @thatgiantsguyray49  #nhhotel #nhhotels #travelwithnh #breakfasttime #breakfastandviews #coffeetime #breakfastinbed #hotelpleasures #morning

Waking up in Vegas ☕️

a toast 🥂 to #toasttuesday 🍞 what’s your favorite toast topping, sweet or savory? 🍌🥑 . also, some real tuesday talk- i’ve mentioned a little bit about my life with hashimotos disease, and want to touch a bit on that today.👀 do any of you ever feel like you should remain hush about something that you’re dealing with, out of fear of the “they’re just looking for attention” stigma? because i sure do, but i’m honestly getting bothered enough by it to slowly let it go 👌🏻 to be honest, right now i’m in a flare up (summer/heat usually causes one), and it’s been throwing me off a lot by causing irritability, brain fog, body aches, headaches, exhaustion, etc.💩 and i want to be real about that, because going through it can make you feel pretty insane, and i want people to know that it’s normal to face these seasons while dealing with these health issues. and it should definitely be talked about openly. the real fight is to continue pushing to get out & be motivated enough to get through the tougher seasons🙈. and while each of these symptoms are valid & real, it’s important not to lose yourself in them. continue to do what you love and what makes you happy as you research and fight for better health. whatever you’re facing with your health/mind/body, i really encourage you to research how to better prepare your body to fight against it 💪🏻 because while it’s true that i’m currently in a slump, it’s way easier than it used to be before i had made life changes specifically to help my symptoms. these feelings/pains were once a daily occurrence, and with time & care, i’ve gotten it down to an occasional flare up here and there. seeking help and knowledge of whatever you’re dealing with in your body is really so incredibly important, and i don’t want my own insecurities hold me back from speaking that 🧡

When you pop back to the room after lunch to this😍🥂🙊 #hooneymooners #breakfastinbed #cocktailparty #donotdisturb 😂

Happy Father's day to the best hubby and dad that I could ever ask for. A couple days late, but we got it done! #breakfastinbed #happyfathersday #weekendnurse #nurselife💊💉 #lovemyfamily❤️

Good morning.. #breakfastinbed