This #WaybackWednesday photo is brought to youbecause I heard humie say that Loki has the biggest ears of ANY kitten...and I wanted to offer a friendly reminder, for their consideration 🐰 • • It's also #WickedCatWednesday but unfortunately this kitten infestation has distracted me from my usual wicked duties. I can only say that I have been hissing and growling to voice my displeasure 😾 at the humans for ANOTHER #WickedHumanWednesday • • I obviously need to plot something truly wicked to put them back in their place 😈 • • Please share your wicked deeds by using #WickedCatWednesday 😈 And for more wicked kitties please follow the rest of #TeamWicked • • @celinechatnoir • @fatmonkeycats • @gottagettagondii • @mannyhalloweencat • @neko_and_lili • @mischief_managed_nox_ • @olliebolliebutters • @omieandchacha • @pussolini_the_fat_cat • @ravenvonmaven • @sir_snicklebutts • @uli_the_black_cat • •

Good morning everyone! Hope you all have a great Wednesday! ☺️

Pro tip: use ur paws & face to open the hooman’s trash can machine. Remove bread. Eat. Nap. #wednesdaywisdom