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This is my favorite picture of her, she just looks so happy. Today I had to make a terrible decision to put an end to her struggle, I know it was the right one but I can’t help but feel like I kinda let her down. This dog helped me keep my shit together, and I loved her so much. Sleep tight Zoster, I love ya babies! #zoe #pitbull #pitty #dog #dogs #pit #pitbulls #mansbestfriend #baby

@Regrann from @shelter.tales - #Repost @theunforgottensouls ・・・ Please Don’t Forget About May And Her Puppies Partially Blind In One Eye and Has 4 Puppies. ***Rescue Only: Has puppies*** “May” HW+ (ID: 11087) Intake date 5/16/18 Columbus county animal shelter: Whiteville nc [email protected] The process on our page: We try and raise at least $300 in pledges for each dog who is Heartworm (HW) Negative. If a dog is HW positive then we have the $300 goal but we strive for more bc the treatment can be so pricey. Pull fees at the shelter are currently $45 for the vaccines shown below, $75 more if dog is spayed/neutered. We are a non-profit so we collect the pledges, subtract the pull fee and donate what's left to the rescue for whatever else the may need (further vetting, hw treatment, transport, boarding etc.). Please help us help them! -rescue process- If rescue interest in pulling this dog, please PM this page so we can help with the process. Give you fee amounts, let you know about behavior etc. Also please email your 501(c)3 to email above. Intake Date: 5/16/18. Stray. HW+ Dewormed and given distemper/parvo vaccine 3 days after intake, when stray hold is up. Given Rabies vaccine and bordatella. Approximately 3-4 year old, female lab mix, 20 lbs. Partially blind in one eye and horrible ear infections @theunforgottensouls #11087 #adoptdontshop #fosteringsaveslives #dogs #dogsofinstagram #shelterdogs #columbuscounty #northcarolinadogs #rescueismyfavoritebreed #networkingsaveslives #shelterdog #mixedbreedsofinstagram #instadog #labmix #doglovers #puppies

They are beautiful girl too!😉 #dogs #mongrel #mongreldog #malinos #doggy

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