It’s almost been a month and #taste by @kinggoldchains still bumps🔥🔥💰

I have a somewhat (not rlly) big platform I have a good amount of followers and I honestly want to put it to a better use, i want to spread more positivity and love towards you guys.... I know some of y’all may not have anyone to help you through your hard times but you’re never alone ever I’m here for all of you ! I myself have and still go through tough times but it’s never the end <3 anyone who spreads negativity on here will be BLOCKED. Thank you for being such great followers I love you all dearly remember to keep in mind that the universe watches everything you do from the good to the bad and that karma exists especially good karma ❤️

@smokepurpp with his xxl freshman freestyle-added beat by @1998beats 🔥or🗑??

Still tryna believe it’s fake...😭 #ripxxxtentacion

This is gonna a tribute to easily one of my top three favorite artist of all time. X honestly could’ve been one of the best artist in any genre once his career was done. We were robbed by some asshats that killed him. He was turning his life around and idk what I would’ve done without him. I owe X so much. I just hope one day I can repay him😞😢 @xxxtentacion @notorioushiphopp • • • • • • • • • • • #drake #kendricklamar #jcole #bigsean #xxxtentacion #liluzivert #6/18/18 #travisscott #migos #quavo #raesremmurd #hiphop #rap #21savage #childishgambino #rapping #logic #asaprocky #future #ripX #kanyewest #jayz #joeybadass #chancetherapper #earlsweatshirt #ripXxxtentacion #chrisbrown #eminem #biggie #2pac

Memories. The Good life🔥💫

Shwipe for a sad surprise 😪😪

Five years ago, these three albums released. _ "Born Sinner" by J. Cole featured no rapping features ( #50Cent, #Bas and #KendrickLamar were on the album but not rapping). __ "Yeezus" by Kanye West is his sixth studio album release. The album has no features, but a stacked production lineup featuring #DaftPunk #NoID #TravisScott and more. __ "Watching Movies with the Sound Off" by Mac Miller was his second studio album and sonically different than the first. The album was more personal and features #AbSoul #ActionBronson #EarlSweatshirt #ScHoolboyQ #JayElectronica #TylertheCreator and more. _ Follow @45sand40s 🎊 📅 💿 #45sand40s #music #hiphop #rap #bornsinner #yeezus #kanyewest #jcole #macmiller #anniversary

People love to hate on this generation of music and say anything we’re doing wrong and highlight our flaws, and some of those flaws are extremely egregious but what these YOUNG artists who are growing before our eyes do better than most that came before us is connect with their supporters - So many of us were ruined when Gus left us, just as many if not way more are feeling the same way now that X was taken from us. People look at them as brothers, best friends, and not because they’re delusional, but that music, and who they were as people and how they interacted with their supporters made them feel like more than just musical artists. You feel like you know exactly who Gus was even if you didn’t met him, you feel like you knew Jah’s pain even if you never directly spoke to him. That’s powerful. That’s special. That’s rare. And they did that before they even hit 21 or 22. - They are flawed, their mistakes are not forgotten, their growth shouldn’t be either, their potential shouldn’t be either. The music will live forever and energy doesn’t die. Gus Gang Jah World 4L. Goodnight... #ripx #riplilpeep #ripxxxtentacion #rippeep

ugh rip

this beat was called peeta in which I made around a year ago and I haven’t used it so I did for @xxxtentacion. The clip is an edit from a YouTuber but I thought it was great to use it over my Beat. still this is for xxxtentacion! R.I.P. my inspiration. Please use this hashtag: #xxxtentacionthemarionette

In the short time you were here, you made a huge impact on people around you. A true Legend. I'm going to miss you 💔