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Secret point ;) Em breve teremos um novo pico para canionismo heim galera. @boatosdeaventura @climademontanha_ 📸 . . . . #explorer #nature #naturelove #rapel #rapelingwaterfall #canionism #barranquismo #outdoor #outdoorlife #obrigadodeus

✨Travelling has a way of transforming and impacting your life for the better. Before going to India my health was not important, I would often wake up with stomach pains and restless legs and I knew I was too young to be feeling that bad. The three biggest things that changed in India were my diet, the amount I walked & spent outdoors getting that vitamin d! One morning I realized that I was no longer feeling those pains and realized I had to change my life. ✨ this Standard American Diet is definitely sad ... you are what you eat and when you eat processed foods, antibiotic filled meat that has been treated in the worst conditions, and chemical sprayed fruit and veggies you are choosing your future ✨ We need to make better choices and take back our health and our lives ✨ we often believe the western world is more developed, but while I was there I realized they have the right idea of how we should be doing things ✨ Fresh fruit and veggies being sold on the side of the road, when you want chicken they kill it right in front of you (which I definitely chose not to see), food is made fresh & most importantly there are many smiling faces. I saw street kids playing with sticks and rocks having the time of their lives, while in North America we base our happiness on consumption while often we find the most joy in the simple things✨ I am forever grateful how this trip has transformed me and changed my perspective on life ✨

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