Our JHA #1 SUPER DAD. Happy Father’s Day @pastoryemioyinkan we love you #superdad #number1 #fathersday2018 #jesushouseantioch #jha #menofvalor

Thank you to all who let us do a special Father’s Day piece for you! #fathersday2018 #cottontailschildrensboutique #handprintpottery #custom

The Father's Day Project - Kerala, India Connecting Fathers working in Abu Dhabi to their Families in Kerala My name is Binu. I come from the district of Kollam in Kerala. My family consists of my wife, two kids, my father and my mother. It has been 12 years since I came here. EIFM is my second company in the Gulf region. I was working with another company for 3 years and then moved to EIFM. I strongly believe that... (read more, link in bio) Brought to you by @waleedshah and @nsquaredstudios Hit the link in my bio to read the story and view images www.waleedshah.ae/kerala-fathers

First Father’s Day in the books and it was a great one. Took Petey to the bark park in the AM. Spent the afternoon with one of the best dads I kno. Shoutout to @bigsocalray for hosting a great bbq. Have a great day everyone and Fight On!✌🏼 #fighton #fathersday2018 #menoftroymonday #peteypete #trojans #trojanfamily #usc #usctrojans #wearesc

Father’s Day 2018 Congratulations are in order to Deacon James Patrick & Deacon Kelvin Moore on their ordination to the Love Fellowship Deacon’s Board! Also the Love Fellowship Youth Department sent a very special message to all the Fathers! #lovefellowshipchurch #lfc_topeka #lfctopeka #lovefellowship #fathersday #fathersday2018

Fathers Day weekend was bountiful. Now to fry it up and celebrate the harvest with all the Kent Fathers #fathersday2018 #catfish #lakeoconee #locnee #gofishing #catchandeat #livingkent

Sometimes our lives get busy with life, but we will always make time for one another~ #familytime #fathersday2018 #lifeatthenp

Family 💕👨‍👩‍👧 #fathersday2018 #mypeople @robbozzett

One of the best things my Dad had ever given me was this simple life lesson; that if you’re going to live your life, live it as a happy one and on your terms. It may seem like a vague and boring kind of quote, but hear me out. My Dad wanted nothing more in this life than to play his guitar and play tennis. And you know what he’s done? He didn’t make them a hobby, he didn’t push it to the side thinking he had to get a “real job”, he made that his life. He plays late night gigs with his band, practices new songs at home in the mornings, and teaches people of all ages how to hit a ball across a tennis court during the day. He loves it. He loves this simple life that he’s carved for himself and in turn he taught me that you can be happy just by doing that. So, Dad, thank you for giving me such an important life lesson. I may be a little shit, but hey, I’m the little shit that loves you more than life could ever compare. Happy Father’s Day. #fathersday2018

Father's Day Contest Results! Once again thank you for your participation in the contest. Congratulations to the top 5 entries! #FathersDay2018 #ContestResults #InfoVisionLabs

Father's day was action packed yesterday, but these two gifts were my favorite. Mino wrote and played me a song on bass and Gunner made me a card (he told Mino what to write) and had everyone sign it. #StLucasAdventures #Summer2018 #FathersDay2018

I reclaimed some time (a la The Honorable @repmaxinewaters) on Father's Day and got to check out the Natural History Museum's exhibit on The Blossom, a 1920s voyage that resulted in the collection of more than 13,000 specimens. #museums #history #historynerd #museumdan #naturalhistorymuseum #fathersday2018 #reclaimingmytime #dontforgetdads #latergram

Happy Father’s Day to all the woodsman dads out there.... nothing like a day outside with some of my favorite woods buddies... #bushcraft #camping #campfire #thewoods #grilling #openflame #fathersday #fathersday2018

His first word was Mama ❤️ It was almost 9 years ago and I can remember it like yesterday. Any other Moms feeling like your kids were just born last week? 😭 Where is the time going?!!! MJ was only 7 months when he started saying Mama so of course I thought I was imagining it, until the pediatrician confirmed that it was an actual word and it was directed at me. UGH Time is FLYING and my “baby” is growing fast. I love BOTH of my boys w ALL of my heart, but isn’t there just something about your first born and how THEY changed your life forever? He didn’t just make me a mother he made me a MOM. . . #warmandfuzzy #feelingblessed #michaelchristopher #firstbornson

Yesterday was a busy day, so I’m alittle late but I CANT BELIEVE MY BABY TURNED TWO YESTERDAY! And Happy late Father’s Day to my little mans BFF! I am so so in love with my boys! #my2yearold #06.17.18 #salvatorecorrado #danielcorrado #bffs #fathersday2018 #mommasboys