Guys I made shorts for the pride parade out of some old jeans that I hated and wow, I feel so crafty. I’m done being a musician, I’m a designer now. (please know that I’m joking.)

Esse é o Brasil que eu quero 🇧🇷

I've been waitin' here Feels like a million years And I'm a photograph that you forgot you took But I remember spring I remember everything

Semi-nude flowy acro in the park 💫 @skullandbones_nyc

Learning with Conor: Has never had beard. Needs to trim beard. Grabs scissors. Fun.

Fantastic night with Bradyn at the Savage Love Live last night! Honored to meet Dan Savage in person after the show • • • #savagelove #dansavage #itmfa #itgetsbetter #pittsburgh