"death's head" available artwork for sale

From this day forth, that's what the Pope wants, that's what the Church wants, that's what God wants. And so the liturgy will no longer be a social engagement, it will become hard work. And sin will no longer be forgiven at will. I don't expect any applause from you. There will be no expressions of thanks in this chapel. None from me and none from you. Courtesy and good manners are not the business of men of God. What I do expect... is that you will do what I have told you to do. There is nothing outside your obedience to Pius XIII. Nothing except Hell. A Hell you may know nothing about... but I do. Because I've built it, right behind that door: Hell. #youngpope #vojta #illuminated #sodoma #gomora

3D Illuminated sign for Peri Peri Original produced in house @martsigns #periperi #3D #illuminated #led #sign #signage #allinhouse #builtup #3dletters

I call trees windcatchers, as the wind is only visible when we see something is moved by it. Trees and their leaves seem to catch the wind often amongst their leave and make it a more tangible experience. We just stood there in awe witnessing moments from the life of this Acacia tree. Watching as the leaves swayed gently in the warm summer breeze. The light touched the leaves and it seemed as it was all illuminated. . .