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OC bassist, @noahevanwilson, in the fishbowl laying down the low end on our new singles.

Yasssss @thekillers!!!! #firefly2018 📷: @highlarkpics

I have to admit I am loving this song what an incomparable voice, usually singers are easily compared to similar artists but @alessiasmusic voice is new & outstanding. I like most of her collaborations so it isn't surprising her solo stuff is just as good if not better. #growingpains #rnb #soul #indiepop #newmusic #canadianmusic


Tracking vocals for the EP today guys, be excited, because we are. 💝 #Indiepop #Mobile #EP

Go on then I haven’t ranted for a long time actually PLEASE IGNORE IF YOU DONT WANT TO READ MY EMO BREAKDOWN IT IS FINE I JUST NEED TO VENT: So yeah if you read my last post you can probably get the idea that I’ve been messed about a lot for a few months now by certain people in my life and it’s taken me a while to regain my ground and to figure everyone out. If you know me irl it’s most likely I have gone on and on about how everything has gone to shizzle lately but to all the other people out there my best friends have been using me for months and I wanna dieeeee :) I thought and believed all the lies every single last one of them fed to me for so long about how TRUE our friendship is and how we’re going to always stay honest and loving to each other... well that didn’t work did it 😂 I’ve always tried my best to be open and honest with everyone no matter what is going on. There’s no point being mad at someone for ages and NOT EVEN TELLING THEM?? I’m sorry I’m not a mind reader hun and the world doesn’t revolve around youuuu. Two faced people talk to em about them coz I know so many people with two heads I might as well live in a haunted house 😂 I’m so mad it’s funny. Like I just want a hug lmao. You really think that I’m gonna come running back to you after all this time because suddenly you want my attention again?? For one day? Like are you serious? I sound like I’m overreacting and stuff and it’s fine think what you want but that’s what they’ve made everyone believe. Just coz I’m not as loud or hot or charismatic as them so nobody ever listens. The whole experience has really helped me open my eyes tbh. I’m a forgiving person. I always give people second chances. But sometimes you just have to draw the line. Whether it’s my old ‘friend’ who bullied me and took advantage of my vulnerability as a lonely student for years or my ‘best friend’ who loved me dearly then decided to drop me at the first instance a boy gives her some more attention. I’m sick of the lack of respect most people give me. There are still some people I trust and love don’t get me wrong but so much has changed in the last few months. I’m sorry for ranting I just feel fed up atm x

Fake friends hello thanks for using me for so long thanks for making me into the villain thanks for not giving a 💩 about me all along coz you’re so obsessed with sex and boys thanks for giving me anxiety attacks thanks for playing along as my ‘friend’ for so long thanks for chatting 💩 to everyone thanks for making me lose my friends I’m done goodnight :/ [] ( #the1975 #the1975band #the1975fans #the1975music #the1975tour #the1975edits #the1975live #the1975concert #the1975family #the1975fanaccount #mattyhealy #georgedaniel #adamhann #rossmacdonald #mattyhealyedit #drivelikeido #1975 #ilikeitwhenyousleepforyouaresobeautifulyetsounawareofit #iliwysyasbysuoi #iliwys #musicforcars #mfc #abriefinquiryintoonlinerelationships #newalbum #followforfollow #indiemusic #indiepop #indierock #indie #indieartist )

Huge shoutout to @northeastsigns for printing and formatting this IG frame • designed by @lolitslea

"Huellas" featuring @pablirow de @paradamixtabanda en @naif_classic_bar #bandasdechile #indiepop #band #arica

Bishop Briggs will be making her return at the Theatre at Ace Hotel! Get more details at 👩‍💻👨‍💻 #BishopBriggs #TheTheatreAtAce #TheatreAtAceHotel

I stopped eating my pizza to take that first picture with you so you must be pretty special. 😝 lol but really, you are the best dad, and i believe in hero’s because of you. i love you lots! wish i could be with you today. ❤️ #happyfathersday #fathersdayflashbacks

👋 Denton folks! M2M will be heading to north TX for a quick weekend getaway. We are stoked to reunite with friends and share our music with you. We will be playing tunes at the @communitymarket (June 30 at 11am) and a house show that evening. DM for more details 💚. 📷: @jerodjphoto

Had a bloody brilliant time playing our German date on our European tour this weekend with @theshoes_band 🇩🇪❤️ #germany🇩🇪 #indiepop #livemusic #gig #minibike #tricycle #playgroundthugs #indieboys #tour

Carly Pickett @carlyhp throws a mean house party. It was SUCH a pleasure to help her grow the annual @folk_nite shindig to be even bigger & better this time around... we’re looking to start doing this more often... maybe twice a year? Maybe more? Who knows! Keep your eyes peeled. 😉 To all the artists who I’ve tagged in these pictures (and will be posting about relentlessly over the next week): you all made it such a wonderful night. Seriously. THAT was fun. 🎶 🎶 #folknite #folknitela #folknight #folknightla #folkmusic #indiemusic #longbeach #longbeachca #losangelesmusic #lamusic #indiepop #indiefolk #indierock #houseshow #houseparty #houseshows #singersongwriter