Pretty exhausted but happy about this weekend, @katharina_polerina and me attanded the @elevateducation teacher training @drehmomentberlin , Level 1 with @eeemly. Such a great concept and useful content and an awesome teacher, thank you for this wonderful weekend.😊 . . #poledancer #elevated #teachertraining #polelove #poledancegermany #unitedbypole #knowledgeispower #poledancersofinstagram #ig_poledance #drehmomentberlin #poleheavenontour #elevatededucation

The day you least feel like doing something is the day it’s MOST important to do something. This is the best advice I’ve been given, this isn’t easy. Picture your end goal, visualise visualise visualise. So get up, smile and enjoy your god damn life because it should be beautiful every day. BRB OFF TO MEDITATE . BE GRATEFUL YOU BITCHES xxx pic of me getting into bed then realising wait what GET UP AND LIVE BITCH. Life is stunnnnnningggggggggg #grateful #inspired #life #attract #law #unlockyourpotential #expandyourknowledge #knowledgeispower #mindset #mindfulness #spirituality #success #delevopment #developyourself #read #learn #meditation #goals #inspire #live #askrecieve #makeadifference #belfast

Seek knowledge and you will be rewarded. #MotivationMonday

Can’t wait for this session. If you’re in the South West why not come and join in. All ages and abilities welcome 😉 🏋️‍♀️ #Repost @crossfithayle with @get_repost ・・・ Want to be coached by Olympic Weightlifter @michaelabreeze? You’re in luck! Michaela is with us again on Wednesday 4th July, 6pm-8pm for another coached session going through Clean, Snatch and Jerk technique...learn from the best! Sessions are open to all abilities and non members are more than welcome to book on. Get booked in on our timetable on - £25 per head! Limited spaces to get your space NOW 🙌🏻

People always ask me: How do you deal with being a living #meme ? My answer: Let your #memes be #dreams . Love yourself. Love your life. And in this crazy mixed up world, we must remain steadfast in our belief that memes are the peace bringing entity that bring us together as people. #knowledgeispower #whatthefuckamidoingwithmylife

peace in the new awakening. when your own voice is your medicine - you embrace it i’m feeling a great deal of fullness and oneness after this recent new moon cleansing. realizing it is okay, as well as necessary, to take breaks of all kinds. i felt that if i did not allow my self time to release then i would be losing balance of some sorts come the solstice. it is my full intention to recharge in this time of warmth and light, to be in nature comforted by the peaceful offering that accompanies the longest day of this year. [a thought: there are many paths to the Creator, but not all paths lead to Creation. i’m grateful for the path: the parts that were cleared for me, and the parts i am carving on my own, without a map, or a scenic overlook. the parts we carve, and make up as we go along. sometimes you have to thank the universe for not giving you what you asked for, but simply just what you need. it’s different every time, taking on a different identity. now, i look back in laughter at what i thought i wanted. but, i am humbled in observing how the universe truly works to give you what you actually need. it was time that i tend to my self, love my self, forgive my self, and nurture my self. we all could be more gentle to ourselves in times of growth and healing. this life: the lesson is compassion and how to selflessly walk it, and share it. i share all that i experience because that’s all i know, and it’s not much. but i encourage us all to share what we experience, because with that, that is a lot.

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Womxn created the rap industry, brought techno to fashion shows, and SO much more. Our 1st blog series is coming soon & we've got lots of music history to share ❤ #knowledgeispower #herstory Art by @camixvx

Eek 🙊 We are so excited to share this beautiful product review from our new friend Angie @whippedgreengirl !! Check out full YouTube video and blog post (link in our bio) . . Angie is full of knowledge when it comes to green beauty and we highly recommend that you check out her website and learn how you can clean up your skin & health ❤️ . . Angie- thank you so much for stopping by our table at the @holisticbeautyexpo we are so honoured to be featured on your platforms ❤️ . . . . #friends #naturalwellness #collaboration #greenbeauty #knowledgeispower #toxinfree #handmade #madewithlove #canadianblogger #blog #skincare #selfcare #selflove #holisticskincare #holistic #canada

Aesthetic Abundance offers more than #facials and #skincare 🖤 Check out our website for more info on all #medspa services & clinical trainings 🤓 #knowledgeispower #mondaymotivation

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