Fire🔥🔥 Disse vipper i style Cool Girl er flere kunders favorit🙌🏼😉 Hvor smukke er de lige?😉😍Skynd dig, vi har få på lager!!✨ #minklasheskbh #getlashed #lashbabe

My last set of lashes 😢 Super long C curl individuals. I'm sad to say I have temporarily stopped doing lash extensions due to my ongoing back pain. I hope to resume them when my back is better as I miss them a lot! However, I currently don't want to undo all the work I'm paying for with my osteopath for a few sets of lashes a week. I am still offering lash lifts but if you're needing a beautiful set of lashes I highly recommend @eyesonyoulashextensions she's amazing! #lashgang #lashtech #lashes #lashextensions #individuallashes #lashlove #lashesarelife #minklashes #lashbabe #getlashed #longlashes #pkbeauty

When your client posts a selfie with the sweetest caption ever (swipe right to read), I can’t help but feel some type of way 😭. - Shout out to my first real Instagram client from 2016. This babe is just beginning her lash journey, show some love @lashlab.xo 💕

She was my very first victim I ever tried lashes on, and this is my set from tonite 😍. GROWTH! 🙌🏽 Stay tuned ladies 😉 #lashesbyfrenchy #losangeleseyelashextensions #lashartist #lashbabe #eyelashextensions

Luxurious Lashes for this lovely lady! 💋