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It was never LUCK. 🤷🏾‍♂️ During the last 5 months of my journey, whenever I talk to people, one of the things that I hear a lot is: "Wow you are so lucky!", "Lucky you". When honestly it was never about luck, it's very easy for you to see me in 5 star hotels, great trips, chilling in Manhattan, Niagara Falls, Colombia , Thailand and all the these other amazing places, But trust me it was never about luck. 🤷🏾‍♂️ It was always about the hustle and emotional resilience. There were so many times that life tested me, and I got worried and stressed and wonder if I was on the right direction. This year there were times that I could barely stay up, and I flew to other states while I was sick. And I did my best, because people were depending on me and I couldn't bail on them. Or was it luck that got me out of my fat ass as a teenager to start developing my body?🤔 Was it luck that made me open sets when all I got was blow outs? Was it luck that made me study hard to keep working on self development and help people out? Was it luck that made me work on shitty ass jobs to get money so I could buy gear and produce content to people out there? 🤔 Discipline and consistency got me where I am and will get me where I want to be. 😉 Hard work > Luck. Luck = when preparation meets opportunities. One of my favorite quotes from Henry Ford says that you are the results of your decisions. Going to Manhattan was a decision, going to Barcelona was a decision, London was a decision... so I created my own luck. Planning things ahead and not wasting time with stupid shit. 👊🏽 That's the reason why I've been travelling and having such an "attractive" lifestyle. 👨🏽‍🎤 If you want something in life, go grab it. *DO YOU* Because no one is going to do it for you. As Nelson Mandela said: you are the captain of your destiny and the commander of your faith. 🤺 . . . #canada #travel #inspiration #garyvee #tailopez #motivation #rsa_streetview #vscoportrait #urbanandstreet #digitalnommad #manuporgohome #quietthechaos #styleblogger #streetphotographer #HypeBeast #lensculture #exploremore #lifestyleblog #thehappynow #storytelling #makemoments #explorecanada #coachlife

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I am the mist, the impalpable mist, Back of the thing you seek. My arms are long, Long as the reach of time and space. - Carl Sandburg . . . . . #minimalism #exploreeverything #createexplore #lensculture #surreal #minimal #beach #moodygrams #artofvisuals #ifyouleave