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Depression is a complicated and multifaceted illness. If you’ve ever suffered from depression this post may resonate with you. ~ Share in comments how it feels for you when your symptoms start to improve. ~ For me it’s like the lights have been turned back on after a period of total darkness. . . . . 📷 @psych_today #depression #depressed #mentalillness #majordepression #MDD #darkness #blackhole #mentalhealth #awareness #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthwarrior #survivor #healing

Latenight eggplant poem. Silky violet tempered heat Fecund seeds in lost pastures *bows regally to ghost applause* (Don't be jealous of my intense tireless gift for self amusement - with great gifts come great responsibilities) #playingwithfood #mentalillness #selfcare #writersofinstagram #writerwitheggplant #writerslife #justanotherstablegenius #selfamusement

Hey!🌼 Ich hatte gestern zum allerersten mal das vegane Peanut butter and Coockies von @benandjerrys_offiziell/@benandjerrys.🙈 Ich hatte immer Angst, dass das Eis vielleicht wässrig schmeckt, aber das war gar nicht der Fall. Es hat eigentlich wie normales Eis geschmeckt und die Eisbasis und die Keksstücke schmecken wie in Swich up.😌🌸Am Rand ist Erdnussbutter und die Kombination aus Eis und Erdnussbutter ist göttlich.😍 In dem Eis sind außerdem kleine Erdnussstücke, die es schön crunchy machen.😋 Ich kann es auf jeden Fall weiterempfehlen. - ( & Dankee an @recoverypug und @recovery_benandjerrys ,die mir den Pint empfohlen haben. Es hat sich definitiv gelohnt ihn zu probieren.🌚❤)

So many of us have learned dysfunctional behaviors and ways of relating to people/partners due to what we saw ‘modelled’ growing up. A big part of our adulthood becomes trying to unlearn those behaviors and accept that our parents were people that were trying to figure things out and struggling, just like you and me and everyone else. It’s hard to push those traumas away and be the people we really are before the world made us different but I believe finding another soul that feels like home is half the battle and then working together to understand how to invest in a each other, see each other win, learn from each other, support each other’s visions and love each other daily. #prettytough

“To die, to sleep - To sleep, perchance to dream - Ay, there's the rub, For in this sleep of death what dreams may come...” - William Shakespeare ⭕ Title - Susurratio umbra - Whispering shadow/ghost. ⭕ Font - Blackletter. ⭕ #wordgasm #nestharon #artofintagram #artistofinstagram #poemofinstagram #poetryofinstagram #poetofinstagram #instapoem #instapoet #instapoetry #artist #artist #dark #death #demon #door #end #failure #grim #gun #human #poem #poet #poetry #revolver #sixshooter #temple #world #nestharon #mentalillness #sacrifice

having a, for my circumstances, really early breakie but I feel like I could've had it a bit earlier tho. I tried to avoid it ngl bc look at how full that bowl is!! I must have fallen asleep for an hour before I decided to eat but I'm actually feeling a bit more alert now. terrible body image and place of mind nevertheless. gonna watch videos on yt to distract myself and if I can concentrate I might even squeeze some studying in

Found this lil injured moth guy the other day and I think he’s very handsome. Hope he’s doin’ okay! — Anyway...a ‘small’ update since I can’t sleep: • all moved in to my apartment and my roommates are fabulous. It’s gonna be a good semester living here, I think! • I’ve been very busy with my sorority’s recruitment the last few weeks. Lots of long hours and emotions as we try and recruit new and wonderful women to our chapter. I don’t talk about it much because I feel embarrassed by it, but it’s really hard right now, so I feel like I should share—I’ve felt very alone in this huge group of women. All of them are wonderful and ambitious, but I second-guess myself and am super awkward and negative, so I don’t really have a good group of friends. Many have asked why I remain in a chapter. The reason is is that there are amazing women in my chapter and I hold out hope that one day I’ll figure out how to be a better friend. Until then, I may feel alone in a crowd of people, but I must remind myself that feelings aren’t fact. Just because I feel like I don’t belong doesn’t mean I don’t. Maybe I don’t. But maybe I do. (“Maybes” are My Thing #™️) • classes start Monday and I am pumped. I think I’m going to be challenged this semester, but last semester was so hard and I did really well, so I know I can handle this semester, too! I’m taking the GRE in a few weeks and then I really need to get cracking on grad school apps. It’s all exciting and whatnot, but I’m an anxious mess because I’m still not certain this is the right career path or even college major for me. I’ve recently realized how very interested in Supply Chain Management I am, and so I’m sad that at this moment in time I can’t test that major out. I’m also very bitter that my ED, anxiety, depression, and control issues etc have clouded most of my college experience so far. I vowed at the end of high school to gain weight and take care of myself better so I could enjoy college since I hated high school. Then I relapsed and lost out on so much. I think a lot of my social problems stem from what social opportunities I missed out on in high school because I was so entrenched in my mental illnesses. Cont

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