Imagine if Ryan stayed in the band, ha

Y’all sleep too much on Red Pill Blues. It’s honestly such a great album, it’s just different from a lot of their previous work. Whiskey is a very relatable song for me because it’s about how he’s trying to find ease after a breakup with someone special to him but how he keeps thinking about all the good times he had with his ex. Visions is about him finding his ex everywhere, even though she’s not there. Come on y’all this album is so good and it has that calming but sad vibe. Lol no one gets me

- striato -

We love a goofball 🤧💗

Week 25: Overexposed @52frames photo challenge “Winter Solstice” . This week I decided to take a photo of a tree that had lost all of it's leaves. Coincidentally I took this photo on the same day as the winter solstice. I overexposed the image and cropped out most of the tree to give it a more abstract feel. . #overexposed #overexposure #tree #abstract #winter #wintersolstice #fallenleaves #52frames_overexposed

"Flower Power" My submission for week 25 @52frames Overexposed

Sun Exposure . . . @52frames submission - Week 25 - Overexposed #52frames_overexposed

Fun weekend around here. At least I have a fan two feet away from me. And despite appearances to the contrary, that Word document is full of text, and that “water” is whisky. #overexposed #thesiswriting #gradschoolsucks #almostdone #imeanitreallyalmostdone