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MINI ÁLBUM A ARCA DE NOÉ... #popularpage #meditate #destiny #nature

*Keep deleting because Instagram refuses to let me edit the hastags on this post. Sorry. 🐺 “I’ve been at the mercy of men just following orders. Never again.”-Erik Lehnsherr 🐺🐾 🐺 🐺 *Confidence: Lack of confidence results in inaction and not standing up for oneself. It results in missed chances and setting the bar too low. Believing in yourself is what allows you to rise up and reach your potential. Confidence In Yourself: When I speak of confidence, I am not talking about blind arrogance. Those that are overly confident fall into yet another category. However, I am referring to the self-confidence needed to believe in one’s own skills, goals, and ability to succeed.When you believe in yourself you are more likely to take action. To stand up and seize the moment. And to persevere long after those who doubt themselves. Reasons That Self-Confidence Leads to Success: *The Drive to Start Things – Confident people start things.They are not shy about striking out on a new idea even when those around them are still pondering it. *The Ability to Stand Up for Oneself – Confidence allows you to stand up for yourself in a fair and consistent manner. Otherwise, you may find yourself unheard or unfairly treated. *The Ability to Say No – Confident people have the ability to say “No” where appropriate.They do not take on unnecessary or inappropriate work or obligations. *The Ability to Say Yes – And at the same time, confident individuals say “Yes” to opportunity.They do not miss new options because they are shy. I have seen individuals’ pass up opportunities because they didn’t think they were “worthy.” *Confidence Overcomes Fear – Lack of confidence can lead to paralysis from fear. Fear of failure. Fear of what others think. Fear of the unknown.To succeed, you need the confidence to face and overcome your fears. · · #instagood #mensfashion #popular #fitness #photography #art #instagram #mensfashionpost #explorepage #photographysouls #artist #magneto #videos #popularpage #wordsofwisdom #photographylovers #artwork #wolves #malemodel #picoftheday #inspirational #qoutes #motivational #media #bestoftheday #words #photographers #epic #likehim #entertainment