Ah here, Uncle Dan...are you sure about this? #dancingdog #nomusic

🐶 I don’t even know. I think they are going for a cute photo of a kitten in a watermelon. 🙄 #fail

A few days ago Mum put some watermelon in my food bowl. I ignored it for 3 hours until she threw it out. She just doesn’t understand that I only like the melon if she is also eating it at exactly the same time. #enjoyittogether. We did civilised watermelon eating and then she put this down in front of me and I lost my s***. MELONNNNNN OMMMMMM 🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉

When your crazy uncle wants to use your special door 🙈 🐶 . #climbingtrip #sheffieldtowales . Oh Uncle Dan - you silly monkey! 🙄🤣 .

Mom! That stick is miles away. What were you thinking??!! Ooooh...you tricked me into swimming again didn’t you 🙈🐾🐶

I can do #toungeoutthursday instead of #tongueouttuesday right?!

Paint me like one of your French girls 😂 #Pupdate :: Remember skinny sweet Cammy with the embedded collar? Look at her now! She’s almost ready for #adoption She just needs to finish #heartworm treatment! Her #fosterdad said she’s sweet as can be and has a routine every night to pull all her toys out, play with them for a few minutes then lays down and waits for her #bellyrubs from him! ❤️ #FTTF #adoptdontshop #adoptcammy #pitbullsofinstagram #rescuedog #pitbullrescue

Went on an adventure yesterday with my new buddy @charliewoofles and Roo. We had lots of fun - Stick fetching ✅ Swimming ✅ Freaking out the mum’s by standing too close to the edge ✅

🐶 “don’t make any sudden movements” 🐱 “might just hiss in his face anyway”

Been awake for an hour and already need a nap 😴

We’re not stinky, you’re stinky 🤭💩 #foxpooclub