We should all go to work in our swimsuits! Film crew in Marseille filming a news item about rescuing a swimmer in trouble. #marseille #firstaid #mouthtomouth #searescue #redcross #croixrouge #marseille #ilovemarseille #suddefrance #provence #topmarseillephotos

Waterproof, buoyant & highly visible - our new phone dry bags are made to save lives #savinglives #searescue #safetyatsea #boatlife #maritimesafety

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Wow - that was an exciting morning! We left the dock in Loutra on Kythnos to duck around the corner to a bay a few hours away. Immediately the wind jumped to 22 knots and the swell increased to 1.5m. As we prepared to raise our sail a charter boat behind us issued a “Pan Pan” as they had lost their engine and were dangerously close to the rocks. We quickly decided the wind & swell would not allow us to get a line on or tow them easily and the risk of having two boats so close to the rocks was silly. So, holding our boat into the wind we got our dinghy down, raced across and worked with a small motor boat to tow them to the Loutra Harbourmaster. The kids did a great job under pressure - one in the tender helping set up the tow line with Guy and the other locating and ‘reading’ our Crew Safety handbook (!) then toddling off below to pack his teddies in case we had to abandon ship 💕 Happy ending and we were a great team today! Hope this afternoon’s a bit less dramatic. #panpan #seasafety #searescue #boats #rocks #sailing #kythnos #sailingfamily #teamwork #adventurefamily #adrenaline #happyending #noplansjustoptions

Europe, where do we go from here? — A graveyard of life jackets in the north of the Greek island of Lesvos

Die sogenannte libysche Küstenwache hat gestern eine überlebende Frau (!) sowie die Leichen eines Kindes und einer Frau auf einem zerstörten Boot im Mittelmeer zurückgelassen. Während ihr diesen Post lest, sieht Europa weiterhin ihren Verbündeten bei dieser unmenschlichen "Arbeit" zu und hindert Seenotrettungsorganisationen daran zu retten. Was wir alle hier tun können, ist weiterhin zu zeigen, dass wir für Seenotrettung einstehen, uns solidarisch zu zeigen, indem wir die Farbe orange an uns, unseren Hausfassaden und überall tragen, mit unseren zuständigen Politiker*innen das Gespräch suchen, für Seenotrettungsorganisationen spenden und weiterhin Demos und Aktionen zu organisieren. 🔶 WIR ALLE SIND MITVERANTWORTLICH, WENN WIR EINFACH AKZEPTIEREN! WIR ALLE SIND TEIL DIESER ZEIT! WIR ALLE SIND DIE SEEBRÜCKE! 🔶 #seebrücke #searescue #searescueisnotacrime #lifeline #iuventa #aquarius #seenotrettung