anima vestra

Kia and Fifa World Cup!!! So perfect! ° ° We love our Kia so much we had to check out the new KIA Stinger and omg its amazing!!! 😍😍😍 ° ° #kia #fifa18 #worldcup2018 #vamosmexico #siempre_viva

Happy Monday my loves! Hope everyone’s week if off to a productive start! I’ve been having a busy last couple of weeks trying to get everything ready for my trip to San Diego tomorrow which means I’ll be running around all day today too 😅🙈 but in other news, if you’ve been watching my IG stories you saw that I decided to go very blonde for the summer which this is the lightest I’ve ever been! I even told my hairstylist I wanted to be as bright as the sun 😂 but if you’re wondering what I asked for specifically bc I know it can be hard trying to describe what you want when you’re going in for a color - I asked for a more solid blonde which means less variations of colors and therefore less dimension and a lot more noticeable blonde, then bc my roots are naturally very dark I wanted the base to also be lightened so that there wouldn’t be such a dark contrast to the blonde so we brought the balayage up high to be able to lighten my roots and then did a color melt back down towards the start of my ears! My blonde tone is also a more neutral tone that way it’s more bright! Hope that helped for you babes who message me about how to ask for what I have!💗💗💗 ✨ foundation: @narsissist sheerglow ✨ contour: @toofaced chocolate soleil bronzer ✨ highlight: @beccacosmetics champagne pop ✨ brows: @anastasiabeverlyhills brow pomade in soft brown ✨ lips: @nyxcosmetics butter gloss in shade Madeline