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A frozen soap bubble in Sweden. Photo by @spectatia_

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My unicorn coffe mug is very useful and versatile!😂. My kids were all "Mom, that's not what that is for!" I beg to differ! Why do we we have to go with the norm all the time? I go with what makes me happy! I'm not hurting anyone and it makes me smile! So obviously I hope you know I'm not just still taking about putting blueberries in a coffee mug!😂 I'm talking about the choices we make in life! We worry so much about what others will think or say, we sometimes deny ourselves the happiness we deserve! If I had listened to what other people's "opinions" were on starting my business, I would never have been able to travel as much as I have to places I never thought I would visit! Or the friends and incredible human beings I have met along the way' The positive close knit community, tribe, team, friends, family whatever you want to call it, I would have missed out! Staying accountable to my health and wellness for this long is all a part of my decision to start this business! If I'm not taking care of myself how can I help others do the same? So do what makes you happy! What fills your cup! Other people's opinions should not be your reality! Sooooo, all that from from my UNICORN MUG! They really are magical! 🦄💕

Holiday mode with Paulo Coelho. So many factors made my this week so wonderful and this book was most definitely one of them ☺️ Any inspirational fiction book recommendations are very very welcome ✨

Casual Tuesdays are a thing, right? #TheSlingSack #travelhappy

'Awe' - ‘a feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear or wonder.’ - My family and I have just returned from an incredible awe-inspiring 10-day family adventure around British Columbia - I don't think we've ever experienced such a diverse range of activities and experiences all on the same trip. - From paddleboarding on a glacial lake (with varying degrees of success) to fishing for giant chinook (salmon) knee deep in glacier-fed rivers, to following pods of transient and local killer whales which was spectacular, to quietly kayaking along the Great Bear Rainforest to see gorgeous black bears in their natural habitat snacking on berries and fishy finds, to the pièce de résistance which was being taken on an unforgettable heli-adventure, featuring heli-hiking, wild swimming and the most serene alpine lunch we have ever eaten, sitting over 7,000 feet above sea level surrounded by over 50,000sq ft of rainforest - totally and utterly awesome @nimmobayresort - Yes, there were moments when I thought perhaps we shouldn't have left the kids back at camp, while we merrily went on a bear hike and that the helicopter was too dangerous to have our entire family on it and we shouldn't climb across a glacier in our swimming gear with no suncream on carrying a jar of berries and a fork each to enjoy at the summit with potentially death-defying drops either side of us ... yes, that's true! - But these experiences shape us, both individually and as a family, so do as Mark Twain once said, throw off the bowlines and set sail, you won't be disappointed! I must also thank my husband for taking the time to put this incredible itinerary together for us! .. not that he’ll probably read this xx - #wanderlusting #travelhappy #britishcolumbia #familyadventures #livingwithpurpose #lovewhatyoudo #lifeisforliving #dosomethingdifferent #dosomethingamazing #selfcare #wellnessplan #adventureawaits #timeout #lifeistooshort #travelwithpurpose #fortheloveofgin #ginandyin #wellnessretreats #makelifericher #awesomefamilyholiday

Do you wanna see your photos promoted here? for instructions: Mont Saint-Michel, France. Photo by @donaldhyip

Oggi per questo splendore abbiamo percorso solo qualche km da casa 😍 lei é #anzio Anzio è colori, profumi...Anzio é la voce dei pescatori che richiama le attenzioni dei passanti e che si mischia allo stridio dei gabbiani💙 Anzio è il pesce più buono di tutto il litorale, garantiamo noi. • • 🇬🇧 Today for this splendor we have traveled only a few kilometers from casa 😍 she is #anzio Anzio is colors, perfumes ... Anzio is the voice of the fishermen that recalls the attentions of passers-by and that mixes with the screeching of the seagulls 💙 Anzio is the best fish of all the coast, we guarantee. • • #travelmemories #photodiaryit #travelstories #travelgo #lifeintravel #travelbloggerlife #adveturegram #viaggiarechepassione #viaggiando #ViaggiareSempre #travelhappy #valigiaepassaporto #passaporto #viaggiatore #inviaggio #siviaggiare #viaggioincoppia #ingiroperilmondo #toptravel #samsungmobile #samsungitalia #WithGalaxy #anzio #lazio #italy #italia

Our recruiter, Stephanie, met up with six of her clinicians who work in San Diego! Julia, Tori, Brittany, Bridget and Ashton are travel nurses and Emily works per diem. They enjoyed dinner at Buona Forchetta and Stephanie gifted them these adorable Aya lunch bags full of swag. . #lunchbag #swag #workhappy #travelhappy #sandiego #buonaforchetta #perdiem #perdiemnursing #perdiemnurse #perdiemrn #travelnurses #travelrns #travelnursing #travelnurselife #recruiterlife #travelnurserecruiter #healthcarestaffing

How much do you love your mates? This is my fantastic friend Katrina from Canada, who I got to spend some time catching up with recently (and credit to her much talented photographer husband @mkrasser2 for the special pic). Spending more time with the people I love is really important to me and I plan on spending that time with friends and family in the not too distant future. How am I doing this? Well, I'm learning how to build a business that will give me more time to do the things I love. The idea of building a business for yourself can sound daunting, but I am doing this with the support of an amazing community of people through the education system that I am learning with. But don't just take my word for it, hop over to the link in my bio and see how other like minded folk are making life work for them in extraordinary ways 😁

You don’t need anyone’s affection or approval in order to be good enough. When someone rejects, abandons or judges you, it isn’t actually about you. It’s about them and their own insecurities, limitations and needs. You don’t have to internalise that. Your worth isn’t contingent upon other people’s acceptance of you - it’s something inherent. You exist and therefore you matter. You’re allowed to voice your thoughts and feelings. You’re allowed to assert your needs and take up space. You’re allowed to hold onto the truth that who you are is exactly enough. And you’re allowed to remove anyone from your life who makes you feel otherwise. ⠀ ⠀

Freedom! When you find yourself stuck, trapped in a boring routine where you don’t get any excitement or recognition...just walk out the door, get outside and breath! I decided to jump into the unknown and take some time off...traveling, relaxing and looking for my own happiness! The world is so big and full of opportunities... our time way too precious and valuable! • • • • • #borntotravel #travelblogger #sheisnotlost #globalite #wearetravelgirls #girlsborntotravel #cinqueterre #inspiration #travelhappy #dreambig #ladiesgoneblobal #girlsabroad #aroundtheworld #portovenere #theworldismyhome #changeyourlife #cinqueterreitaly #loveliguria #ingiroperilmondo #ligurianriviera #freedom #igersliguria #yallersliguria #lifewelltravelled #liguriagram #positivevibes #italianholiday #rivieraligure #travelandlife #cinqueterreitaly