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I remember it was only a few years ago wearing glasses was not trendy. Staying home and playing video games wasn’t a career. Success and schooling went hand-in-hand unless by luck you became a superstar or athlete. Oh, how the world has changed. ▫️ So why haven’t we? Why do we still tell ourselves this is “as good as it gets”? Why, when someone can become famous just from yodeling in a supermarket, do we still think our dreams are only meant to exist in our sleep. ▫️ That’s what years of telling ourselves what we can’t be, do, does to us! You may think you are being “realistic” but that’s just what your brain has been trained to do. Everything we once thought was impossible like actually getting paid to do what you love is possible! ▫️ Yet, so many still feel stuck living a life NOT of their choosing. Do you know what that’s called when we loose the expectations for something to happen. Hopelessness. ▫️ So many of us have lost hope in our dreams. I know I can’t force you to believe but maybe if I pursue mine then you’ll see you can too. So I ask you follow me on this journey as I try to impact a MILLION (999,988/1M) lives before I die; not just for me but for the dreamer that still exists in you. ▫️ If you feel inclined to support me further subscribe to my YouTube channel. It would mean the world to me because it brings me one step closer to my goals! 😘 (link in bio)

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