👬❤️ Out for a walk with the dogs 🐕

Day 32 of NNP: Forgot to take a photo while out for my 45-minute power walk, so here's a photo of the cruise ship being towed out of London today. #newneuralpathways #exercise #walking #walkinthepark #cruiseliner #tugboats

Brisk walk a day, keeps the Doctor away. #walkinthepark #parklife #walkies

She told me not to step on the cracks I told her not to fuss and relax Pretty little face stopped me in my tracks But now she sleeps with one eye open That's the price she'll pay I took a knife and cut out her eye I took it home and watched it wither and die Well, she's lucky that I didn't slip her a smile That's why she sleeps with one eye open That's the price she'll pay #florenceandthemachine #girlwithoneeye #lyrics #music #alternative #ralphlauren #sunnyday #nicedayforawalk #walkinthepark #isaidhey

My castle is my home ...

So today is Disneyland's 63rd birthday. In honor of Disneylands birthday I would love to challenge all my friends and family today. My challenge is to get at least 10 friends to donate at least $5 to my CHOC page. All you have to do is go to the link below. Don't forget that every dollar counts and no donation is a small donation. **The walk is August 26th** . . www.chocwalk.org/rockstarrachel . Please share with everyone . #chocwalk2017 #whyiwalk4choc #chocwalk #teammouseketeermamas #raisingthatmoney #helpmereachmygoal #walkinthepark #disneyland #childrenshospital #orangecounty #choc #disneylandresort #charity #lessthan2months #donatetoday #donate #nodonationtoosmall #donation #donationswelcome #donationsaccepted #pleasehelp #forthekids #chocchildrens #hbddisneyland #happybirthdaydisneyland #63rdbirthday

Planeta obezyan. #Walkinthepark

Unser Sommerkind ist heute schon 2 Jahre alt geworden... 🎈☀️ Das Hauptgeschenk sollte der Puppenwagen von @brioplay werden. (Werbung?!?) Schon bei der Auswahl eines Puppenwagens hatte ich den Neidfaktor im Hinterkopf. 🙈Umso glücklicher hat es mich gemacht, das nach ein paar Zickereien am Morgen, die beiden später am Tag gemeinsam viel Spass hatten!! #2tergeburtstag #zuschnellgroß #puppenmamas #schwesterherz #walkinthepark #sommergeburtstag #amwochenendewirdgefeiert

I use to think I had to workout an hour a day to be lean, feel good, be fit and be strong. I use to think that anything other than intense cardio wasn't a "real" workout. I use to think I had to eat like a bird and feel deprived from enjoying good food in order to be lean and healthy. Now I know that 30 minute workouts rock! Check out the post workout pic from yesterday! You can get in and out and get a very effective workout! I personally vouch for this but so do personal trainers and research study groups! I was doing hour long workouts for most of the last 3 months and was feeling burnt out from workouts. So I'm listening to my mind and body and switching things up! To keep things fun and enjoyable. So I still look forward to exercise and am consistent. Lots of sunny walks in the park and 30 min workouts! 🌞Some hour workouts, some 45 minute workouts and some active days of walking too though. Nothing wrong with an hour workout if you want to do it just know it's not necessary. Two days can look incredibly different from each other in terms of food choices and exercise yet both days can be healthy days! A healthy day is not a cookie cutter thing, they will look different day to day 👍 Now I know that my body and mind feel better and look/are stronger when I do an assortment of workouts, not just cardio. Yoga, HIIT, Pylo, walks, stretching, weights, they all offer unique benefits to the body. 💪 Now I know that my body feels so much better when I rest it and feed it adequately! Now I know I get more out of my workout when my body has been allowed to rest and my body has been given enough fuel! Now I know that healthy eating can be satisfying and delicious! There are MANY delicious healthy foods! 🍏 A healthy lifestyle shouldn't make you feel hungry, deprived or restricted. It should make you feel energized and strong! Your healthiest weight is the weight you are at when you are making healthy choices that are sustainable and enjoyable 😀

It was an extremely hot and humid day for a walk in the park. 💦😩💦 But spending time with your best friend and exploring pretty flower gardens makes enduring the weather totally worth it!!! 🌸👯‍♀️🌸 @jess_protz #hartwoodacres #bestiesforlife #walkinthepark #hotandhumid #healthandwellness #flowers #summerfun #imissher