it’s the stormy nights that leave me breathless and with no choice at all it’s the stormy nights that remind me of how hopeless I’ve become with you gone it’s the stormy nights that leave me dying like a freezing corpse it’s the stormy nights that keep me alive asking to live again, more and more it’s the stormy nights that look after me when you are gone it’s the stormy nights when a voice inside begs you to cradle me in your arms it’s the stormy nights always the stormy nights that keep me up wishing I was with you and not alone. *not from my book // she is artwork and glory is available on amazon. link on bio #sheisartworkandglory #palegrungemoonlight

Things aren’t always as they seem. Take a closer look at photo. (Maybe even turn phone upside side🧐). Hopefully this gets you looking at things with a different perspective today. Now go get ‘em.

I've been dealing with depression and anxiety for a few weeks now. This week has really been tough emotionally but one thing is certain, this Phoenix will surely rise above the ashes I was burnt in; and I will soar the 7-skys above the 7 heavens ⚡ until the stars fall far beneath my feet 🌠🌠🌠 ___________________________________ #anireokene #poetrycommunity #prose #writingcommunity #writer #spilledthoughts #poetsofig #instaquote #igpoetry #writersofig #writersofinstagram #instawriters #spokenword #Writing #WritingCommunity #AmWriting  #Writer #Poetry #CreativeWriting #spilledink #poem #thoughts #wordswithqueens #type #typewritterpoetry #soulwork #healing #lovepoem #love #lovewins

Daily 3x3 . The first step is having faith in your abilities. . A poem by Decym

From - um ourives das palavras By - Amadeu De Almeida Prado

Heart has been feeling a bit dead recently. So I turn to my one true therapy. Paper. Keyboards. But this time I didn’t write. I read. Read back from the little girl a year ago. Left a house party with beer spat on her face, then later matched the boy on tinder which turned her life upside down. Was it rape, was it not rape. She later studied law, wrote 8000 words on the subject and still cannot figure out what that awful of an afternoon was. Poetry was what she turned to. To get grasp. To see and reevaluate herself from the outside. The inside wasn’t so good anymore, or so she thought, then. Poetry was where I go to own shit up. The good the bad, all fucking mine. Today I read my earlier entries, archived entries, and sent love to that little thing. Sent light to that confused thing. Then I found myself opening a new page, and bled. I wrote the introduction to my poetry collection. I am going to have every entry ever posted here, archived here, published. As a loud proclamation of a no that should have been respected that Thursday afternoon. From the bottom of my heart I want to say thank you. I am thankful for every reader that has journeyed with me. City life gives little time for introspection and understanding. Instagram was this space for me. Leaked_thoughts was this space for me. So thank you. Thank you for being here. The writers, the entrepreneurs, the healers, the life coaches I have been able to connect digitally here are amazing people and you guys have given me more than I could ask for. Anonymous, but true. So my heart prays. I pray for all community of writers that are on this platform. I send love to all the words that are here on this digital platform. May it grow to make humanity a better and more forgiving place. Stay tuned. I am getting published. Incredibly nervous. But excited.

Amadeu De Almeida Prado ❤