[Find Me in the Space Between] Where the cups are never empty. Where the unseen can be seen. Where the nothing is the everything. Find me in the space between. Where no longer is not quite yet. Where words are unspoken. Where nowhere is right where we reconvene. Find me in the space between. Where knowing is unraveled. Where every tangle is untangling. Where everything just simply makes sense. Find me in the space between. Where the shadow is light’s companion. Where the wind cuts through the confusion. Where truth seeps into the seeming. Find me in the space between. Where every emotion is welcome. Where distance becomes irrelevant. Where love is benevolent and unconditional. Find me in the space between. Where I can hear what’s in the silence. Where home is not contained inside walls. Where time is forgotten in its collapsing. Find me in the space between. Where my dreams are left untethered. Where remembrance is no less than nourishing. Where the endings inform the beginnings. Find me in the space between. Where being human is natural. Where life and death are ever thriving. Where form is just four letters short of formless. Find me in the space between. Where the difference is two sides of the same thing. Where my body loses its bordering. Where one and other dance in their fusion. Find me in the space between. Where I’m right where I’m supposed to be. Where surrender’s edge gives way to freedom. Where the parts refer to the summation. Find me in the space between. Where rearrangement is not a stranger but a guest. Where order transforms into dust again. Where change is a kind of celebration. Find me in the space between. Where creation means rising from the ashes. Where the keyless swings the gate wide open. Where fear mobilizes the stagnation. Find me in the space between..... [Cont., Read More on Site] _______________________________________________________________ #space #findme #nowhere #ineverything #truth #celebration #spirit #inclusion #everywhere #neutral #acceptance #expression #existence #minimal #formless #iam #balance #expansion #actualized #being #poetry #poem #writing #words #wordsofwisdom #writing community #writersofinstagram #writerssociety

"If life is a canvas, will you spend your last breaths admiring the final product of what you have created, or wishing you would have chosen different colors to fill in the blank spaces?"🖌 -janellie #coloryourlife #createyourmasterpiece #poetry #writersofinstagram #qotd #messyhair #messybungettingstuffdone

This is Part 1 of my first story on Instagram and I know it's not perfect, don't hate please :) Bitter Affairs (1) Conversations as stiff as starched collars thickened the dusty ambiance, lit with the soft glow of lamps and intellect; gentlemen poured folds of cream to bitter contradictions "Mr. Rudolf, now your work lacks slivers of credibility", Mr. Carter sucked on his teeth, perhaps to extract the last wisps of the alcohol he indulged in earlier."You see, it can not be permitted to be published without factual evidence". Mr. Carter's bony fingers fiddled with the quartz upon his lapel as it often did in precarious circumstances," My dear fellow, may I ask which statement boasts controversy?". "If perhaps it wasn't drenched in paradoxical vocabulary, might I have highlighted the actual statements but...", Mr. Rudolf held the thin sheaf of leatherbound paper precariously and let it slip to the carpeted floor. "It fails to conform to our guidelines regarding authenticity and not only is it choked with inaccurate assumptions but also lacks the theoretical grounds upon which those assumptions were made". Mr Carter fixed his pince-nez before gathering his articulately penned thoughts from the thick dust of rejection it had settled into. "Rudolf, you can not reject my work upon the basis of sophistry and petty rivalries". Picture Credits: Someone's album #writersofinstagram #firststory #part1of3 #tobecontinued

FULL POEM IN CAPTION (and this one is gunna kick you in the gut): - “Running races in my brain that make me want to go insane; “that line is dumb”, I hear you say, “what, did you write that in, like, a day?” Nothing I did was good for you, and the moment you split, I split in two, and the funniest thing is that you never knew how honestly broken I’ve been since I threw this whole fucking lie of you and I out the FUCKING window, because who tries that hard to say goodbye while begging me to stay with their two charcoal eyes? If I sent this to you you’d probably cry, but not because the words made any sense of the lie, but because you’d be thinking; “God, I made her want to die; fuck, man, all she ever wanted to do was love you. And all you ever did was bury her ashes after you burned her body to the ground.” And then you’d sigh and feel bad for yourself, and you’d fold up the page and leave it on your shelf to collect the ashes I left in your room many moons ago. And you’d go on. And you’d be fine. And I’ll be fine. Just as soon as you’re not longer alive in my mind.”

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You scare people because you are whole all by yourself. #writingcommunity #writersofinstagram #quotes #inspiration #selflove