"Your body is lazy, your mind is crazy" That's a quote from yesterday at the Wanderlust108 Festival❤. I enjoyed it a lot even if I'm not a runner🏃🏼‍♀️ I'm exhausted today, my hip flexors and basically most of my muscles are sore😂 (but happy!!) so no yoga or workout today🙅🏼 _______________ Day 6 of #feetupyoga is an Inversion✨ and I choose stag legs😊

Monday’s looking pretty good 👌🏾🌴 #balilife

🍑Day 1 🍑 Of #BootyliciousInversions challenge!!! Today we have straight legs in the inversion of your choice. Mine, #handstand #adhomukhavrksasana 😍 Swipe to see the bootylicious dance 😂 and a variation using bamboo handstand blocks from @yogabodyfitness to spice up your handstand practice. Let's have fun with our booty up 🍑 . Talking about bamboo handstand blocks, go to my stories to see them closer 😉 I found them so interesting for two main reasons but for sure I will find more 😁 watching the videos and during the practice I noted that my alignment was better when using the blocks 🤔 and, one of the reasons is because you are obliged to push towards them 😉 something that we usually forget on the floor. The other reason for what I love them is because well, you know, I am half monkey 🐒🤣 . 📍Some tips for handstand are hands shoulder apart, engage bandhas, shoulders to ears (this was a revelation for me 😲), lift one leg and kick with the other leg. If you can do it easily but with wall, next work is try to kick without touching the wall 💪 . . 🙃Hosts: @suchitra_rx @popsterivy @yun_chan88 @yoga_helwahtin @esteryoga . 🎉Sponsors: @yobaby_hk + @yobaby.official_store @panaprium (my leggings) @yoggys_foryogis (my mat) @narabellabrand @insideoutsideoutsidein @mymalanecklace . List of legs' shape to invert: . 1) Straight 🤸 2) Pike 3) Lotus 4) Bow & Arrow 5) Splits 6) Stag legs 7) Yogis Choice . . . . #yoga #yogainspiration #yogaeveryday #yogaeverydamnday #yogalove #yogalife #yogini #yogisofig #yogisofinstagram #igyoga #yogagram #yogagirl #yogapractice #iloveyoga #practiceandalliscoming #I yogain #doyouyoga #instayoga #yogavibes #instayogafam #yogaeverywhere #igyogafamily #igyoga #yogaaddict

The Queen has arrived... D U R G A Warrior Goddess 🙏🏼🦁👑 What’s her symbology? Where does she show up in us? ✨ Crown: Supreme Authority. Shakti: The mind wild and unfettered state is domesticated with values and rules Jewelry: Resources to achieve the goal. Lion: Represents power to be used to protect virtue and destroy evil desires. Bride like face: Shows love/Satisfaction of desires. Ten/Eight Arms: These represent eight quadrants or ten directions in Hinduism which suggests omnipresence. Assortment of weapons: An accomplished warrior, Represents the Fighting Ability. Disc: Symbolic of world spinning. Lightning: Firmness in your stance. Trident: Three Human qualities. Satwa- purity of thought; Rajas- Energy of Desires; Tamas-Inertia. Arrow: Energy in its kinetic form. Sword: The undiluted power of knowledge and skills. Bow: Energy in its potential form. Mace: Transformed energy in to power. Conch: Represents the sound Aum and victory of good over evil. ✨

Difficult roads often lead to the most amazing and beautiful destinations 🌍. While my childhood might be considered as being hard⚡️☄️, this journey taught me to be strong and appreciate every moment of my life💫. I still learn “to expect nothing, and accept everything” but I feel it becomes either with everyday🤔. And as I try to embrace every experience in my life, my heart opens up and I allow every moment to unfold in front of me😀. All of the sudden, even the most ugly experience becomes acceptable, and at times beautiful. 😎 All I know now is that one should live this life to the fullest😉, and turn difficulties into opportunities. Opportunities to learn 🎓, to grow 🕊, to appreciate 🌸 and to become a better person 😇. Just breath 😌

✨YOGA✨ • This week is full of fun, flowy magic on the mat. There will of course be backbending, heartopening and binds galore to keep in line with our theme this month but there will also be some fun to be had arm balancing, inverting and getting your core fired up! Join me tonight 6-7pm for a slower flow and 7-8pm for a bit more FIRE🔥 This week is super excited as we deliver some full moon magic this Sunday to all you Yogis that nabbed a space on our yoga pamper evening and I’ve just added a special guest to join us too! This week is going to be a great one, get it ❤️🙏🏻 #yoga #yogaeverywhere #backbend #bendyoback #flex #flexin #practice #practicewhatyoupreach #practicepracticepractice #practiceandalliscoming #sunshine #beachlife #yogagirl #mermaid #bikini #wheel #asana #stopdropandyoga #splits #mobility #function #movemore #ibiza #holiday #yogaretreat #yogateacher #student #life #cute #love


ЙОГА-ИНТЕНСИВ Друзья, в эту субботу 25 августа в Инди йоге пройдет большая тренировка с Ольгой Дейвальд . ⠀ Большая — значит продолжительная 😉, мы будем практиковать йогу 2.5 часа. На это занятие мы ждём всех любителей йоги, которым не хватает обычные занятий продолжительностью в час двадцать. Ольга умеет делать такой ИНТЕНСИВ действительно интенсивным, интересным и погружающим. Обещаем что вам будет очень классно. Ну а ниже программа события и информация о том как записаться 👇 ⠀ ПРАКТИКА: — Начнем тренировку с расслабления. Соберемся, отбросим все дела и заботы, сосредоточимся только на своем теле. Далее следуют дыхательные практики. ⠀ — Разминка. Чтобы не было проблем с суставами и мышцами, стоит их немного разогреть. Лёгкое движение рук, ног, головы подготовит нас к безопасному нахождению в асанах. ⠀ — Сурья намаскар. Комплекс приветствия солнцу. ⠀ — Основное занятие. Динамические комплексы и статические асаны, прорабатывающие все основные направления подвижности, включая эффективные последовательности на проработку тазобедренных. В конце будет дан комплекс на растяжку. ⠀ — В заключении мы с вами очень приятно порасслабляемся в релаксирующей шавасане. ⠀ СТОИМОСТЬ — 350 руб. ⠀ ИНСТРУКТОР Ольга Дейвальд, преподаватель нашей студии, выпускница первого потока Школы инструкторов йоги. ⠀ ЗАПИСЬ ОБЯЗАТЕЛЬНА! Для того чтобы записаться, просто просто напишите Ольге в личные сообщения: «Я приду на интенсив 25 августа». ⠀ КОГДА⠀ 25 августа в субботу⠀ 10:00 — 12:30 ⠀ МЕСТО ПРОВЕДЕНИЯ:⠀ Йога студия Инди йога, Челябинск, БД «Спиридонов», пр. Ленина 21в, 7 этаж, 702 офис ⠀ ✨Записывайтесь и приходите, будет ОГНЕННО!

Model: @katelazov . . . ➡️ Follow me for daily booty @wiggle.booty . . . #booty🍑 #beautifulgirls #beautiful #beauty #yogapants #yogagirl #gym #gymgirl #girls #girly #girl #sexymodel

Sí te sientes atada, estás atada. Sí te sientes libre, eres libre. Las cosas externas no te aprisionan ni te liberan; sólo tu actitud hacia ellas lo hace 🧘🏻‍♀️ . . . . . #yoga #yogini #yoguini #yogalover #yogahome #estírate #yogalover #yogagirl #vegangirl #yogainspiration #yogabody #yogaconreich #yogateacher #namaste

“Life is only a reflection of what we allow ourselves to see.” Looking at the beautiful reflections on the water this morning and thinking a little deep for a #mondaymorning 🙏 🤗